3-D Experience at the Downtown Independent

3-D Experience at the Downtown Independent

December 10, 2016
8:00 pmto9:00 pm

sf_3d_december_midOn Saturday, December 10, I’ll be performing at the 3-D theater of the Downtown Independent in Los Angeles. If you haven’t seen the way that I create and transform fluid realities, this will be a perfect introduction! All of my performances use 3-D graphics, and seeing it in stereoscopic 3-D enhances the experience.

I invite 3-D enthusiasts to witness the facility with which I wield space and form in stereoscopic 3-D. Since my artwork is generated on-the-fly, I’m able to tune and adjust the many aspects of the art for each performance. At this performance, the 3-D viewing parameters will be tuned for each section for this specific venue. 

Here’s info and tickets:


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