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Imaginary Movie Soundtrack

This piece of music shouldn’t exist, but it does. It’s obviously a soundtrack to an action film, a kind of retro spy thriller set in China. But the movie doesn’t exist, and nobody commissioned me to make it.

I was playing around with ideas, and this soundtrack started to emerge. I could have moved away from the idea, but I went ahead and added a few typical movie soundtrack tropes. So now I imagine that it’s for a movie made today but set in retro 1970s Shanghai, as a Bond-style spy flick.


“From Shanghai With Love”

I’ve cast Jon Hamm and Maggie Q to play the leads, and of course a sexy romance forms between them! And there’s helicopters, as you can hear in the music. And the exotic vague somewhere-in-Asia Orient scenes. Maybe there’s a scene with some monks in a temple. I don’t know yet. Wouldn’t you watch that movie?

Anyway,enjoy the music. Maybe you’ll think of ideas for the movie, too!

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Fulldome Concerts

Fulldome Concerts

Spontaneous Fantasia VR concerts in Fulldome
J-Walt is the world’s premier fulldome performer. He’s been amazing audiences with his Spontaneous Fantasia shows in hundreds of performances worldwide for nearly ten years, and in fulldome since 2007.
There isn’t another performer anywhere in the world like J-Walt. He creates 3D scenes, sculptures, creatures — entire worlds — in […]

More Branching Fractal Sketches

More Branching Fractal Sketches

Another nights exploration produced these images (August 26, 2013). The objects are each members of a class of branching fractals generated from a single stroke of my pen and recursively drawn. The exploration takes place in my real-time system where I draw the initial stroke, tweak the parameters, and take a snapshot of the result.

#gallery-1 […]

“Magic Tree” light installation

I call it my “Holiday Tree”, but photographer Mae Koo calls it a “Magic Tree”. When the fairy comes out to harvest the glowing orbs, I’m inclined to agree with Mae — it’s magic!

In November 2011, I created this installation by illuminating the ash tree in my front yard with glowing orbs. Each orb contains […]

Fractal Jade Marbles

Fractal Jade Marbles

My night’s exploration of fractal patterns revealed a similarity between 2D Julia-style fractals and carved lapidary stones. A cut stone reveals a 3D volume in much the same way that a Julia set rendering reveals a 2D slice of a 4D configuration.
I created these images on September 2, 2013 with my animation performance system, navigating […]

  • Zerynthia Installation - Haxda Trees


Zerynthia is a world of wonder and mystery. Floating wavering creatures, mysterious monoliths, and shuddering trees exist under an iridescent sky. I started exploring this world in 2013, and I continue to discover the mysteries and meanings within.

“Zerynthia” is video installation for experiencing a 3D world. One looks into this world as though through a large picture window. The scenes are inviting and captivating. Visitors linger long and discover aspects of this world that often I had not noticed or planned.

Here’s are images from this work-in-progress, including 3D stereoscopic versions (for red-cyan glasses viewing!)

Zerynthia was first exhibited at the Young Projects Gallery. It was part of a show that that ran March 19 through May 3, 2013. Update: As of May 6, 2013, I’ve had three sales of this installation. Four more are available. Contact the Young Projects Gallery to purchase this installation.

I’ve exhibited the installation on three occasions in 2015: June, September, and December.


  • Gardens of Thuban 1
  • Gardens of Thuban 2
  • J-Walt Anitar with Title
  • J-Walt Creating Trees with Anitar
  • J-Walt Draws In Space
  • J-Walt Headshot 1
  • J-Walt Headshot 2
  • J-Walt in the Dome 001
  • J-Walt in the Dome 002
  • J-Walt in the Dome 003
  • J-Walt in the Dome 004
  • J-Walt in the Dome 005
  • J-Walt in the Dome 006
  • J-Walt in the Dome 007
  • J-Walt in the Dome 009
  • J-Walt in the Dome 012
  • J-Walt in the Dome 013
  • J-Walt in the Dome 014
  • J-Walt in the Dome 015
  • J-Walt in the Dome 016
  • J-Walt in the Dome 017
  • J-Walt in the Dome 018
  • J-Walt in the Dome 019
  • J-Walt in the Dome 020
  • J-Walt in the Dome 021
  • J-Walt in the Dome 022
  • J-Walt in the Dome 023
  • J-Walt Onstage 1
  • J-Walt Onstage 02
  • J-Walt Onstage 03
  • J-Walt Onstage 04
  • J-Walt Onstage 05
  • J-Walt Onstage 06
  • J-Walt Performing Blue Fractals
  • J-Walt Performing Red Matrix in Motion
  • J-Walt Performing Red Matrix
  • J-Walt Performing with Hydra (backlit)
  • J-Walt Performing with Hydra
  • J-Walt Smiling from Podium
  • Postcard Omnicentric Universe
  • Title Card 10
  • Anitar_002_9X16
  • Anitar_009
  • Anitar_011
  • Anitar_001
  • Anitar_002
  • Anitar_002_9X16
  • Anitar_003
  • Anitar_004
  • Anitar_005
  • Anitar_006
  • Anitar_007
  • Anitar_008
  • J-Walt Anitar no Text
  • J-Walt Anitar no Text cr mid
  • J-Walt with Anitar
  • Lucid_Dreamscapes_Anitar
  • Lucid_Dreamscapes_Anitar

PR Photos

These photos are for publicity use. Each image has a link to a high-resolution version.

This gallery of images includes publicity stills, images from live performances, posters, and headshots of J-Walt. If you need something for publication that you don’t see here, feel free to contact us.



The Anitar is an upgrade to my classic performance console, allowing me more mobility on stage. It has all the functionality of my podium console, but in a cool form factor.
The style is fun and whimsical, but it’s completely functional. The components are nearly the same as I’ve used for my performances over the years, […]



Controlling Space and Time with the Razer Hydra

I’ve just recently integrated another interface into my performance system: the Razer Hydra. Unlike my ANITAR, this interface is off-the-shelf. The Hydra is a gaming interface along the lines of the Nintendo Wii, but this one is magnetic. Unlike old-school magnetic interfaces I’ve used in the past, the […]