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360 Videos

I’ve made some recordings of live scenes in 360 video format. Put on your VR headsets (or use your mouse to swivel the view! Check them out!


Live Online Broadcast

The Spontaneous Fantasia live video stream can be watched by clicking the below YouTube link.
May 29, 9pm: J-Walt and Dean De Benedictis are guests on Alien Air Music presenting some of their music from their ongoing collaboration, while J-Walt performs his virtual worlds live. Join the live event! See the Alien Air Music site for more info about […]

Origami Mind

Origami Mind

This week, I’ve been exploring symmetries and folding. I’ve implemented a technique for folding images back on themselves in an organic way. I was going to create a quick abstract video which uses this technique, but this piece unfolded and evolved instead. I developed the graphics and music over the past few days, going back and forth with […]

Robot Dance Concept

This is a short video showing a concept for my creating an army of robots puppets, making them dance, and then my entering their world. The video is very rough, created to show a proof-of-concept.


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The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas! Enjoy this series of animated videos my friends and I created and are releasing over 12 days, starting on Christmas Day, 2014.
Each video illustrates a verse of the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

J-Walt conceived this project on December 18th, and quickly assembled the team which created designs and animations to match the […]

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Fulldome Concerts

Fulldome Concerts

Spontaneous Fantasia VR concerts in Fulldome
J-Walt is the world’s premier fulldome performer. He’s been amazing audiences with his Spontaneous Fantasia shows in hundreds of performances worldwide for nearly ten years, and in fulldome since 2007.
There isn’t another performer anywhere in the world like J-Walt. He creates 3D scenes, sculptures, creatures — entire worlds — in […]

In the Planetarium Dome (video)

In the Planetarium Dome (video)

I just uploaded a new video demonstrating how I perform in a planetarium dome. Here, I’m practicing to perform my full-length show, “The Omnicentric Universe” at the Glendale Planetarium.

Performing in the Planetarium Dome from J-Walt on Vimeo.
Cinematography and edit by Trey Stokes (
The dome is a distinctive immersive interface. A normal video image requires the […]

The Four Seasons Video Teaser

An exciting collaboration between myself and the Hutchins Consort!
I have created designs for Vivaldi’s famous set of concertos. I perform my animations live as the Consort plays the music.
We first performed this for a private event a couple of months ago, and we’re looking forward to performing it again. We are planning on a November […]