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“The Omnicentric Universe” Trailer

Here is a trailer for my longest and most ambitious fulldome performance: The Omnicentric Universe. I have been performing and evolving this piece in domes (and flat screens) for over a year, and finally put this comprehensive trailer.
Here’s the trailer on Youtube:
The Omnicentric Universe|

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Cosmic Christmas Teaser Video!

Cosmic Christmas Teaser Video!

This Holiday Season dare to do something different! T’is the season to think out of the box. So instead of looking for that perfect Christmas gift, experience it!

Winner of a Technical Academy Award, J. Walt is inviting you to  come experience the exhilaration, wonder and magic of “Cosmic Christmas” – a spectacular, never-seen-before yuletide odyssey […]

Sample Videos of Spontaneous Fantasia

Watch some short samples of Spontaneous Fantasia performances.
A short two-minute demo of Spontaneous Fantasia

J-Walt performing his Autocosm: Aeries (excerpts)

Excerpts from Autocosm: Gardens of Thuban, performed by J-Walt at Los Angeles Convention Center

The videos play from YouTube links.  If for some reason you can’t load or play them, please visit the Spontaneous Fantasia YouTube channel.

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Fantastic Merlins Collaboration

On the evening of April 18, 2009, I performed a very successful collaboration with jazz combo Fantastic Merlins a couple of weeks ago in Saint Paul. The Merlins played music while I created and improvised animated scenes.

We performed an hour-long session, which comprised of four animation performance pieces […]