Cosmic Christmas Teaser Video!

Cosmic Christmas Teaser Video!

This Holiday Season dare to do something different! T’is the season to think out of the box. So instead of looking for that perfect Christmas gift, experience it!

Winner of a Technical Academy Award, J. Walt is inviting you to  come experience the exhilaration, wonder and magic of “Cosmic Christmas” – a spectacular, never-seen-before yuletide odyssey played out by Eban Schletter in the high tech full dome theater, featuring live Theremin performance, state-of-the-art SkySkan star fields (and real-time animation performed by Academy Award winner J-Walt, creator of the mind-bending show Spontaneous Fantasia.)

A unique creative collaboration between J.Walt and Schletter, Cosmic Christmas began as an offbeat, yet melodious, concept album by composer/songwriter Eban Schletter, who is best known for his film and TV work (SpongeBob SquarePants, Mr. Show with Bob & David, and much more).  Released in November of 2009, this bizarre Theremin infused album was hailed as “one of the most unique Christmas albums in years” (Synthtopia Magazine) and “a holiday space opera for the ages” (, the record made its way to the New York Times and Los Angeles Times holiday music recommendations.

A sure crowd pleaser, this is a show not to be missed!

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  1. Ted williams says:

    Wow,sure wish this was on the east coast. From what we saw in the Fels planetarium when J-walt did an east coast teaser, this looks to be a great idea. Good luck with Cosmic Christmas.

    West coast seems to be where it’s at!

  2. Pat Murphy says:

    As a radio broadcaster of electronic music for over 25 years who’s also done 3D synth music videos, I highly recommend J-Walt’s Spontaneous Fantasia. It picks up where Griffith Park’s Laserium left off, carrying the audio/video experience to a new a vastly superior level. Motion sickness never felt so good!

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