Fantastic Merlins Collaboration

On the evening of April 18, 2009, I performed a very successful collaboration with jazz combo Fantastic Merlins a couple of weeks ago in Saint Paul. The Merlins played music while I created and improvised animated scenes.

We performed an hour-long session, which comprised of four animation performance pieces that I composed especially for the event coupled with musical pieces by the band.
I didn’t title my compositions, as they were “fresh out of the pen”, and I probably will never again perform them as such.  But here are descriptions:

  1. a slow cosmic depiction of a sun or a nucleus at the center of a dynamic system; a shifting metaphor of solar system and atom
  2. a landscape in which a flock of birds are entrapped by a growing city, but escape above the clouds
  3. a mysterious Stonehenge-inspired Autocosm; sculptural monoliths growing into an architectural space
  4. a dance of neon ribbons in 3-space; creating space from free floating phrases
  5. encore of number 4, though spontaneously performed to a different tune!More information about the band is here:
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