Controlling Space and Time with the Razer Hydra

Another interface I’ve just recently integrated into my performance system is the Razer Hydra. Unlike my Anitar, this interface is off-the-shelf. The Hydra is a gaming interface along the lines of the Nintendo Wii, but this one is magnetic. Unlike old-school magnetic interfaces I’ve used in the past, the Hydra is a lot less jittery, and it’s very easy to set up.

I’ve played a first-person shooter with this device, but I think I’m making better use of the wands than an FPS does. Each wand gives me six degrees of freedom, plus a trigger and a thumb joystick and buttons so I’m using it to draw and move through space in the same way I’ve used a tablet and joystick. I’m also using it to make two free-moving objects dance around with each other. More ways to use the Hydra are in the works!

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