Imaginary Movie Soundtrack

This piece of music shouldn’t exist, but it does. It’s obviously a soundtrack to an action film, a kind of retro spy thriller set in China. But the movie doesn’t exist, and nobody commissioned me to make it.

I was playing around with ideas, and this soundtrack started to emerge. I could have moved away from the idea, but I went ahead and added a few typical movie soundtrack tropes. So now I imagine that it’s for a movie made today but set in retro 1970s Shanghai, as a Bond-style spy flick.


“From Shanghai With Love”

I’ve cast Jon Hamm and Maggie Q to play the leads, and of course a sexy romance forms between them! And there’s helicopters, as you can hear in the music. And the exotic vague somewhere-in-Asia Orient scenes. Maybe there’s a scene with some monks in a temple. I don’t know yet. Wouldn’t you watch that movie?

Anyway,enjoy the music. Maybe you’ll think of ideas for the movie, too!

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