In the Planetarium Dome (video)

In the Planetarium Dome (video)

I just uploaded a new video demonstrating how I perform in a planetarium dome. Here, I’m practicing to perform my full-length show, “The Omnicentric Universe” at the Glendale Planetarium.

Performing in the Planetarium Dome from J-Walt on Vimeo.

Cinematography and edit by Trey Stokes (

The dome is a distinctive immersive interface. A normal video image requires the camera to pan around, and you have to build up the scene in your mind from the various views.  Images in the dome fill your whole range of vision, allowing you to take in and process a scene as a whole. The space becomes more coherent, you get more visual information at one time, and you feel more engaged with the visuals. Digital fulldome theaters are simultaneously intimate and spectacular. The theaters allow a group to enter an explore simulations of real and imaginary worlds. I’ve been involved in VR for two decades, and this is the best way I’ve ever seen for a group to have a shared experience in a virtual reality.

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