Music Album Released

Music Album Released

I’ve just released the music for The Omnicentric Universe. The 10-track album is available here. The tracks range from ambient to big-beat electronica and are designed to take the listener on a fantastic universe-expanding journey.

All the music on the album is created by J-Walt, and released for listening and free download.

The Omnicentric Universe Soundtrack Album


2 Responses

  1. Interesting.

    Your music-sense and image-sense (as seen in your “on the fly” work) are not at all dissimilar. I hear the same person, same rhythms, same sensibility in each. Can you create sound “on the fly” and at the same time with your images.

    That would be something to see!

  2. J-Walt says:

    I’m working on it, Barry! I’m not sure that I can create “good” live music while creating animated images — yet! I’m taking an incremental approach, starting from pre-composed music, and introducing live elements step-by-step.

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