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Animated GIF Cartoons

Animated GIF Cartoons



“Magic Tree” light installation

I call it my “Holiday Tree”, but photographer Mae Koo calls it a “Magic Tree”. When the fairy comes out to harvest the glowing orbs, I’m inclined to agree with Mae — it’s magic!

In November 2011, I created this installation by illuminating the ash tree in my front yard with glowing orbs. Each orb contains […]

  • Zerynthia Installation - Haxda Trees


Zerynthia is a world of wonder and mystery. Floating wavering creatures, mysterious monoliths, and shuddering trees exist under an iridescent sky. I started exploring this world in 2013, and I continue to discover the mysteries and meanings within.

“Zerynthia” is video installation for experiencing a 3D world. One looks into this world as though through a large picture window. The scenes are inviting and captivating. Visitors linger long and discover aspects of this world that often I had not noticed or planned.

Here’s are images from this work-in-progress, including 3D stereoscopic versions (for red-cyan glasses viewing!)

Zerynthia was first exhibited at the Young Projects Gallery. It was part of a show that that ran March 19 through May 3, 2013. Update: As of May 6, 2013, I’ve had three sales of this installation. Four more are available. Contact the Young Projects Gallery to purchase this installation.

I’ve exhibited the installation on three occasions in 2015: June, September, and December.