“The Omnicentric Universe” Trailer

Here is a trailer for my longest and most ambitious fulldome performance: The Omnicentric Universe. I have been performing and evolving this piece in domes (and flat screens) for over a year, and finally put this comprehensive trailer.

Here’s the trailer on Youtube:
The Omnicentric Universe|

The Omnicentric Universe is a 45-50 minute piece in which I draw and animate a universe in real-time. It is my longest and most ambitious performance. It’s part of my Spontaneous Fantasia theatrical performances in which I create virtual worlds and visual music with my own musical compositions, creating an integrated audiovisual odyssey that unfolds before an audience.

The piece fuses themes of cosmic and inner exploration, technology and art, exploring the structure of our universe and our place within it. Though I perform “Omnicentric” or sections of it in a variety of venues, the piece is designed with fulldome in mind, taking advantage of the unique qualities and intentions of the space. I even perform it in stereo 3D when I have the chance.

This piece is another step forward for this mode of virtual reality performance that I have developed and been practicing for several years. The techniques that I’ve invented allow me to draw in 3D space and create the images, structures and landscapes from the strokes of my pen.

I’ll be performing this piece in a program at the Glendale, CA planetarium Saturdays, April 2, and May 7, and of course, I’m available to perform it at a theater or fulldome near you!

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