Warsaw performances update

On Friday, May 27, I performed to three full houses in the new planetarium in Warsaw’s Copernicus Science Center. My shows were a highlight of the annual ECSITE conference organized by The European Network of Science Centres and Museums. Sky-Skan Europe had just installed their 3D Definiti fulldome system, and I was among the privileged few to take it on its maiden voyage! The 3D worked great, and the system had new processors and graphics cards which allowed me to increase the detail of my imagery and structures.

This was my first trip to Warsaw. I had just brief opportunities to explore the city, but I enjoyed several walks and took in the sights of the picturesque Old Town district.

Thanks goes out to Glenn Smith of Sky-Skan Europe for inviting me to be a part of the event, and to the Sky-Skanners who worked long hours to make the system purr.

Here are some pictures of the facility, taken as we worked to get the system ready, and as I toured Warsaw.

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