Warsaw, Poland Performances

Warsaw, Poland Performances

May 27, 2011
5:00 pmto11:00 pm

On May 27, 2011, I will be performing virtual reality in Warsaw, Poland at the new planetarium in the Copernicus Science Centre. The facility looks amazing. It’s a brand-new stereoscopic 3D planetarium designed and installed by Sky-Skan. I will be doing 3 performances as part of the ECSITE conference. I have not performed in Europe since 2008, and this show, including The Omnicentric Universe, has never been seen by a European audience.

It will be so much fun to perform in 3D again. It’s immersive and holographic; all of us in the theater will be living the holodeck dream! By the end of the show, my images will literally pop out of the screen into reality. Yes, I do mean “literally”. (Those of you who have seen my show know what I mean!)

It promises to be a spectacular event!

More info about the Copernicus Science Centre plantetarium is here.

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